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Top 10 Reasons People Work With Us

Money is usually not the primary factor influencing the selection of a job. But when fairness in compensation is combined with genuine appreciation for all team members and a commitment to help them grow and increase the value if their contributions, it makes a big difference. That means you can focus on great work and contributing to growth!

High Performers are innovators, influencers, game changers and act like owners. They step up without being asked. The impact creates new ideas, improved client satisfaction, a culture of innovation, a great place to work and the list goes on. If you’re a high performer, you’ll be in good company!

We understand that when employees are part of something special, they’re challenged to contribute and deliver their best effort. And we’ve gone a step further to create personal bonuses based completely on an individual’s performance – regardless of the performance of your business unit or the company.

Yep, you read that right. We’re doing something special and our internal culture is huge to us. We know that being part of “something special” must be deeper that just being part of the “company culture” or even the “social give-back programs” which are so popular. Our commitment to doing something special is impact positively the lives of our customers and our team members, as well as their families.

Lots of companies have core values. However, our commitment to recognition and respect is based on our beliefs and convictions. Our leadership regularly demonstrates recognition for team members’ great work and contributions at all levels of the company – and we reward those contributions.

We’re not only at work building the company – we’re working on the growth path and opportunities that give you a long-term seat on the bus. This means having that stretch beyond the visible horizon and persistent encouragement to get better. It’s also measured on-going career development that keeps you getting better – and more valuable!

We are committed to doing good for our Customers, our Community, our Colleagues, and our Company. We believe everyone has unique talents and wants to excel and succeed by doing work that has purpose and meaning. So, we’re also looking for new team members who want to do work that changes and influences lives for the better.

Companies with great employees are almost always surrounded by other gifted and talented co-workers. Their energy, creativity and enthusiasm feed off one another. They challenge each other to get better and more innovative. Friendships are a by-product of common goals and trust – and likability.

A company’s culture is really a reflection of the leadership. Great employees stay because they trust that leadership has their back. They trust leadership to make decisions in the best interest of the company and get the company back on course when things go sideways. Our leaders help all of us win!
Our passion for our work intersects with the vision and mission of the company. It makes what the company stands for worth protecting and fighting for. We deeply and truly believe in the work of OUR company and how we impact lives. And we’re doing it better together!

Financial Benefits & Total Rewards

The Company has developed policies and procedures to ensure wages and salaries are comparable to those of other employees with similar jobs at the Company or in our industry. Our wage and salary policy is designed to attract and retain the best-qualified people available. In addition to competitive salary and wages, the Company offers,

  • Paid Holidays
  • Paid Vacation
  • Paid Sick Leave
  • 401(k) Retirement Plan + Employer Match
  • Group Term Life Insurance
  • Short-Term Disability

Intangible rewards can only be delivered by a company and supervisors who care. Intangible rewards at the Company include praise, awards, honors, recognition, inclusion, etc. We take this seriously – here’s how seriously and what else you can expect:

  • Healthy Leadership Team
  • Strong Corporate Culture
  • Caring, Qualified Colleagues and Leaders
  • Strong Continuous Improvement Culture
  • Servant Leadership Management Model
  • Culture that Values Diversity & Inclusion
  • Career Advancement possibilities
  • Career Stability in an established organization

More Financial Perks!!


If you are assigned to a high priority location, you may be eligible to receive $100 for 30, 60, and 90 days worked, for a total of $300. Ask your recruiter or HR specialist about your eligibility.

Every new team member will receive a review after 60 days of work, with the possibility of getting a $0.50 increase to their hourly pay rate.

All new team members receive a company paid cell phone allowance on every paycheck in the amount $13.85.

We will pay any team member for referring friends who join the LG-OSS team. We will pay you $150 after your referral works 60 days and another $150 after your referral works 90 days for a total of $300, just for referring a new team member! And the best part…NO LIMIT to how many referral bonuses you can get.

Companies often tell you they will give you a review and then it’s never a priority. At LG-OSS, all team members receive an Annual Performance Evaluation with the possibility of a $0.50 increase to their pay rate.

Even More Perks…


We try to be as accommodating to your schedule as possible. When you need scheduling flexibility, we go to bat for you and work with your supervisor to determine how we can accommodate your request.


Most locations have one LG-OSS employee on the warehouse worksite, so our team members have the freedom to work independently on their job. We have amazing software, tools, and resources which you will learn to use to work independently and successfully – something that will also be good for your resume!


Not guaranteed, but if there are open locations in the area there is an opportunity for you to get extra hours and/or paid mileage for driving to other locations to help out – we’re all for it! So, if you want additional hours, let us know!!


We promote that a 30-hour work week equals full-time status for us, meaning you can take advantage of our full selection of employer-paid and supplemental benefits, paid holidays, paid time off, and more!

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